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The Hong Kong Bengali Association (HKBA), a very vibrant Bengali organization, was formed in Dec 1998, thanks to the vision, personal initiative and determination of its founding members.  Prior to this the Bengali community in Hong Kong was rather loosely structured with somewhat limited reach and access, although it did get together on a handful of occasions each year.  The desire to cradle and nurture our rich culture even outside our homeland provided the impetus for the formation of this Association.

As per its constitution, the HKBA is a Hindu Association embracing Hindu Bengalis of Indian or Bangladeshi origins.  Currently its membership consists of approximately 60–70 families.  A nine member executive committee, elected by the general body for a term of one year at a time, runs the affairs of the Association.  Bankers, chartered accountants, doctors, engineers (specially IT experts), marine officers and businessmen constitute the greater part of the professional profile of our community.

The main activities of the HKBA centre on the celebration of the Hindu religious festivals that are of special importance to Bengal.  The Association also provides a socio-cultural platform to the community which aids in fostering closer ties between its members, enables us to tap the wealth of cultural talent within the community, and also promote artistes from back home by inviting them over, all of which help to make our lives here richer, happier and more fulfilling

Main Activities: The religious functions are all held at the Hindu Temple in Happy Valley of which our Association is a life-member.

¨       Durga Puja, the most important of our festivals, has been held every year since the formation of our Association in 1999.  We solemnize the Puja as per the dates and times set by the Bengali almanac and arrange to have our priest flown in from Kolkata for the occasion.  Needless to say, this festival holds the largest appeal amongst our community with prasad, lunch and dinner being served at the temple on all the three main days of the Puja.  People of other Indian communities also participate with great fervour.

¨       Lakshmi Puja: a week after the conclusion of Durga Puja

¨       Saraswati Puja: during spring time, usually in the month of February

¨       Poila Baisakh (Bengali New Year celebration)

¨       Bijoya Sammelani (gathering to celebrate the festive period of Bijoya, within a fortnight of Bijoya Dashami)

The above two gatherings, which generally see the entire community turning up in very colourful attire, are usually held at a club or restaurant.  Besides the all-important task of indulging in culinary delights, we also stage a quality cultural programme – music, dance, theatre, etc, both by local performers and artistes from India.

¨       Annual Picnic: usually in late December or January, an opportunity for members to embark on a day’s outdoor venture including cooking, sports, card games, antakshri, etc.

¨       Supporting charity work in India: we have enthusiastically responded to appeals arising due to natural calamities and other disasters back home (Orissa cyclone, Gujarat earthquake relief, Tsunami etc), as also helping specific organizations on a regular basis.

We welcome all of you to our "home" page. This is especially useful for new Bengalis coming in to Hong Kong.  Also, it enables other interested organizations round the world to liase with us on a variety of issues.

If you have any suggestion regarding improvement or otherwise please mail us.



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